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I am a top 100 leading industry marketer in the field of gut health and wellness, a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer, a registered nurse of 17 years and an overcomer of interpersonal violence, chronic illness and trauma. I have a passion to inspire and equip women to understand their worth and value at all stages of life. I am also a military spouse of 20+ years enduring both wartime and peace time deployments, a mother of 4 and a "Yaiyai" of 2 precious grandchildren. If you asked my husband to describe me in three words he'd say, "She loves big." I have been been called to be a voice of truth and hope in the space of trauma, abuse, and illness. We are designed to THRIVE. Our healing brings glory to God, and He has made a way for us to enjoy our lives. What Ibelieve, more than anything, is that NOTHING in life; no difficulty, no fear, no pain, has come to crush and destroy us. It has come to teach us, to strengthen us for the BIGGER mission. Difficulties have come to prepare our hearts, minds and bodies for all Christ wants to deliver through us. This is a mission He wants to be ignited in others. The road map to being rescued, redeemed and restored is hidden from so many and He wants it to be revealed.

Image by Becca Tapert

Speaking to the heart of women

I have a BURNING passion to open my mouth, share my heart and my story with women. It's time for women to move past the limiting beliefs, the shame and doubt and move into their God calling. 

I want to speak to you! 


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