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You already know YOU are the brand for your business.

In today's market YOU have to stand out.

WHAT YOU SAY   how you say it

what you wear HOW YOU WEAR IT

November 16th-19th - Nashville, TN

It's time to show it & show up!

Join Brand Strategist Angela Bellar | CEO, Bellar Leads and
Tina 'Kneisel' Bakehouse | Speaking and Communication Consultant & Coach

for a premiere, high powered 3-day retreat where we will focus on YOU!

Working together in this energizing, yet intimate, experience, we will roll out an unparalleled, inside-out strategy, intentionally designed for your brand ownership.

November 16th-19th - Nashville, TN

We'll Explore...

Knowing self and your brand message

Authentic mindset to break through conditioned (perhaps limiting) beliefs

The power of your Origin Story

Select signature wardrobe pieces to enhance your brand

Embodying presence to build and grow your influential potential

We’ll guide you to express and embrace your magnetic and fabulous Self.

Be prepared to empower your business and be transformed!

November 16th-19th - Nashville, TN

Space is limited! 
don't wait!


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